We are proud to offer a collection of men's dress shirts for a man who knows what he wants and proudly follows his vision. The extravagant designs are inspired by the amazing world we live in and explore - its natural wonders, cities, their colors and architecture.


W O R L D   O F   S Ø Ø R

was created by Finnish designer Sannaliina Kuussaari out of passion for color and travelling and getting inspiration from along the journey. It is her homage for a modern day nomad, for a man who feels at home in every corner of the world. 

He has a boheme soul of a vagabond, following his dreams into luxurious, strange and exotic destinations. He wears what he likes and shows up in the office in bold colors,

dressed for success in an unrivaled way.

Our elaborate designs have their roots in natures own mathematics, perfect in their tiniest details. These ornamental structures can be found from everywhere around us. And we used countless hours in search for the most amazing formations and the most surprising color combinations - all for your pleasure.  We feel satisfied only when the designs can astound you.


Studying closely the secrets of the Universe, we are able to offer you

something radically distinctive and without equal.

SØØR with its Danish O's is pronounced the same as 'SIR'. 

Our designs are incomparably unique.


The Traveller Collection is tailored in high quality cotton sateen

that brings out the details and colors without flaws.